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A head start to your teacher training

  • "It's not easy doing a teacher training course. The better prepared you are beforehand, the easier it will be. Our course is designed by practising teachers and gives you ahead start with the knowledge, skills and resources that you will need when starting your ITT"

    Kate Finlay

    Course Director


Our SKE will help you gain:

  • An overview of knowledge and understanding in Design and Technology
  • An understanding of how to design knowledge rich lessons and the skills and confidence to do so
  • Preparation for ITT and working in schools
  • An overview of the history of Design and Technology education in the UK
  • A full and well rounded bank of resources that can be used in your ITT year, which will cover both KS3 and KS4
  • An understanding of data in schools and how it is used from KS2-KS4
  • The skills to develop your own schemes of work
  • Examples of a range of students work to support your ability to mark, monitor and improve work.
  • Exposure to current ideas and curriculum thinking
  • Professional links to Design & Technology teachers
On successful completion of our SKE course, you will receive a report that will link into your SKE audit that will be required at the start of your ITT course.   You will also be issued with a SKE certificate.  Completion of the course will also give weight to future applications of teaching posts.
What makes our course different?
Unlike other courses, we work around your busy life, so you can complete modules at your own pace. We provide you with text books, and all the printed materials you need. No need for extra print carteidges! We also provide you with a large series of materials, tools and equipment and guide you through how these can be used. This will also allow you to use these resoueces and equipment in your teacher training year.

Our Mission

The course strives to give you a viewpoint on Design & Technology so that you have a bank of ‘go to’ resources, knowledge and understanding that will support you in your ITT year.


Your Progress

Your subject knowledge will be assessed throughout the SKE course. There are compulsory SKE assessment points to ensure that you are engaging with the SKE course and making the progress expected of you.

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